Extrusion Alloy 6063 T5 Framing Material


Alumana's frames are fabricated for scheduled openings, in standard manufacturer’s styles and profiles using concealed fasteners. We factory-fabricate assemblies to the greatest extent possible, assuring that installed units will be without warp, twist, bow, or other defect in appearance or function.Windows & Sidelight are completed per manufacturer’s standard extrusion details and coordinate with glass specifications provided. Glazing beads are provided with heavy duty Vinyl Glazing Bead, two (2) sides of Glass, to accommodate ¼" glass. Framed glass pockets can accommodate 3/8” glass. We factory finish all extruded door frames and window frames as directed by the architect using commercial clear anodize, color powder coating, or commercial dark bronze anodize and paint finish.

Materials Offered In The Following Sizes With 1-3/4 Inch Door Thickness
Door Frame Throat Size: 3-3/4 Inches
Door Frame Throat Size: 4-7/8 Inches
Door Frame Throat Size: 7-1/4 Inches
Window Wall Size: 3-3/4 Inches, 500 Series
Window Wall Size: 4-7/8 Inches, 600 Series

Throat Size 3-1/4 Inches

Throat Size 4-7/8 Inches

Throat Size 7-1/4 Inches